Quality is Our Life and Dignity

Way Long has a professional team in combination with outset anding technical background to produce high quality products. We offer customers with stable quality, fast and flexible delivery time, competitive price as well as comprehensive services, that fully meet customers’ requirements and ensures worry free running of your machines. With an aim to serve the majority of customers in China we have set up warehouses in shanghai and other areas.

Spindle analysis and test.

Spindle measurement and calibration

Spindle Spectrum Analysis

Spindle Running Test for Thermal Growth Analysis

Part Roundness Inspection

Three Dimensional Coordinate Measurement

Spindle Dynamic Balance Calibration

Spindle Dynamic Balance Calibration,Three Dimensional Coordinate Measurement,Spindle Running Test for Thermal Growth Analysis,Spindle Spectrum Analysis

Rigorous Quality Control

In order to achieve higher quality level and upgrade technology level, Way Long is not only technically instructed by the bearing suppliers, but also instructed or technically cooperated with domestic renowned manufacturers, academic institution and research organization. These enable us to upgrade assembly technology, inspection and test equipment, so as to enhance the internal quality assurance training for quality consistency.

Spindle Static Rigidity Measurement System

Japan Imported Sophisticated Cylindrical Grinder

Swiss Imported Universal Grinder

主Swiss Imported Universal Grinder,Japan Imported Sophisticated Cylindrical Grinder,Spindle Static Rigidity Measurement System